MiCLAS.X (light)

MiCLAS.X and MiCLAS.X (light) are ERP solutions of ERP4all Business Software GmbH with the registered seat in Germany.

ERP4all has been developing ERP software since the 80s and has therefore been on the market for more than 30 years.

The start in the 80s:

  • Development of the merchandise management and PPS system software DINOS for the operating system MS DOS

The change-over before the millennium:

  • Further development of the software CiS with window technology MS Windows

The continuation after the turn of the millennium:

  • Extension of CiS and change in name for the turn of the millennium to MiCLAS.

The evolution from 2009:

  • Start of the development of a system software with .NET technology

1st installation in 2012:

  • MiCLAS.X is installed for the first time on 29.05.2012!


  • MiCLAS.X experiences the introduction in hundreds of companies and is welcomed with enthusiasm

Here a small overview of the basic functionalities: