FinanzenThe focus of the financial module is the evaluation page. Any number of evaluation forms from the field of balance sheets, profit and loss statements as well as business management evaluations can be generated here.

Particularly if a company has an overseas branch, it is often difficult to obtain a clear overview in this respect. The adjustment, which is necessary overseas, and the legislative that is valid there mostly have different ideas about evaluations than we know from our Controlling area. Therefore, it will always be difficult to obtain a comparable status of evaluation here as in the domestic country.

We are aware of this problem and have created a tool in MiCLAS.X, which solves this problem. An account is, as a rule, always the same. However, whether it can be integrated into the scheme of this balance sheet is repeatedly a point of contention. Therefore, we can set up any number of schemes, which are adjusted to the respective wishes. Whether HGB [German Commercial Code] or shareholder overview. It does not matter as long as you can allocate the accounts. There is no restriction.

Through the multilingual user interface of the system in conjunction with the administration of rights the shareholders from Hong Kong can view the data in English and at the same time the Controller in Germany in his language.