AuftragsbestätigungThe order processing in MiCLAS comprises all areas which are to be seen in connection with customer orders. These include framework orders, partial deliveries and instalment invoices just as shipping information or also work cards.

Do you want to print delivery notes and invoices in one batch? This also on various printers in various paper trays? No problem, forms can be combined as sets and can also be directly allocated to certain printers and thus substantially simplify the workflow.

Credit limit check, dunning history or also the determination of the delivery reliability is a standard.

You can however also start very small with a cash desk application and thus depict the combination between counter or cash transaction and the traditional order business.

In the majority of the cases the customer orders are the triggers for the requirements for further processes in the software. It goes without saying that the links are depicted here. The status of the order can therefore also be seen here immediately without searching the whole system.