Supply Chain

BeschaffungThe procurement module in the system is a central point, at which all information converges. The activators of the requirements can vary considerably. Minimum stocks, customer orders, production orders or also materials provisions for the extended workbench are only a few examples. An individual configuration is possible here of course. e.g. the minimum stocks as a reason for a procurement do not belong in every company. The question when an order actually triggers off a requirement can also be set individually.

In addition, various generation forms are available in MiCLAS. These can be combined with each other if requested. Whether article-related, order-related, material provision-related or also production-related, all selection possibilities are available.

You would only like to order that which is also actually used? This can of course be taken into consideration based on replacement times or also delivery times of suppliers.

Framework orders will be taken into consideration just as packaging units. Graduated price scales can be seen in the dialogue immediately and can be used.

You see a lot of things are possible. However, in reality other requirements are also seen sometimes. Put us to the test.