notebook-933362_640Do you want to open up a new branch in Asia, especially in Thailand? Then you have found the right partner with us. We do not have our knowledge from the books, but from experience. We are pleased to pass on this know-how, which was partly learned in a painful process.

The biggest mistake, is the form of the take-over of the customary methods of work in the foreign country, which crept in after some time, for us as European it is partly not understandable why something is done in this way. The demand for the native employees does not lead to any clear result. Owing to the language difficulties it is also often very difficult to enter into the detail. You get tired of making enquiries and in the end this is followed by the capitulation and you concur with the unusual method of work. However, a great deal more happens and this is mostly not noticed. In the newly set-up company the people notice that “their” method of work is accepted. This is the worst thing that can happen. Everything takes its course and the failure is predestined in the majority of cases.

If not from the start, the time has come now to protect the company from downfall and to nevertheless lead the trip into the distant country to success still. We know how to handle this situation without anyone losing their face. This is still an important point, which we do not know and often with a smile towards the person opposite run against the wall with full power and do not even understand it.

We help with setting up the company. We solve the unpleasant situations for you and cut through the knot and bring the business back on the path of success again.

At this point we offer:

  • Advice and/or accompaniment with the set-up of the structures
  • Training of the employees and ensure that they become familiar with the foreign method of work
  • Selection of the employees
  • Analysis of the market situation
  • Clarification of the questions of authorities and accompaniment of authority processes
  • Creation of the reporting system and control of the workflow in the company
  • Making available of software equipment to which all important persons have access (no Excel!)

Questions ? Simply contact us we will get in touch with you.

(Englisch/Thai): Phakphum Pattansettanon (David)

(Englisch/Deutsch): Andre Schoell