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Grid analyzer

A database is a great place to store data. But what happend with this recorded data? In the most cases not enough! But we have a creat soluton for it. With our Grid analyzer is it possible the extract the data like an Excel sheet. Its a great an easy function to help you to control your business…..

Copy&Paste function

We have good news from our programm team. They produced the copy and paste fuction inside our MiCLAS.X System. So you can copy all information from a grid and paste it in every office product. including formats. See it at youtube: MiCLAS.X Tutorial ERP – 00110 DE: Kopierfunktion

Branch connection

We create with the new module “branch connection” a powerful and comfortabel function to integrate your domestic branch or your foreign branch in your ERP System MiCLAS.X. To transfer records or  main data between two or three or maybe more databases is absolute easy. Also export from data in XML format is possible with function. Ask our team for more information.