notes-933111_1280The implementation of ERP software is one of our main pillars. Of course this primarily refers to our own product MiCLAS.X. We are unbeatable in this field. Here you will find a wealth of experience, which goes back to DOS times. We analyse the customer and draw up the orientation of the business processes with him.

The customer does not always have to adjust to the software, but also the software can adjust itself to the customer with certain processes. The “Best practice” system is always only the beginning. Some companies are so flexible that these Best-practice processes do not work. This is mostly one of the factors for success of the companies as there is a distinction from the competition here. We start here and also prove flexibility.

However, we also provide support with the introduction of other products. Mostly in connection with co-operations with other companies or co-operation partners in order to achieve an effective introduction here. The main aim in this field is the optimised adjustment via interfaces or direct data exchange.